Saturday, April 26, 2014

Summer Computer Time

We are always looking for new technology to help engage students in learning. Here are some sights that your children can visit to review skills learned in the classroom.  An interactive website that’s modeled from primary grade lessons.  Many subjects are covered and broken down into grade levels.  An “all Clifford” website.  A website favorite of K-2.  Interactive books to read. A fun website that explores reading, phonics, and comprehension.  A good interactive math facts website (K-1)  A website to reinforce math and place value. (K-1)  Another great math website that reinforces math facts. (K-1)  Get a jump start on keyboarding.   A great free interactive website that challenges your student in Math, Language, Science and much much more!  Students can practice spelling on their own and play games too. (K-5)  Lots to do and see on this website and geared for
Grades K-1.  A staple math website broken into grade levels. (K-5)  A different way to practice and master math facts. (1-2)

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