Friday, August 31, 2012

One awesome first week!

Woo hoo! You all did it! You finished your first full week of Kindergarten! I am sure all of you parents have heard so much about "Pete the cat" today. We read "Pete the Cat Rocking In My School Shoes" and the boys and girls loved it! We then found a secret note from Pete in the back of the book telling us where he was hiding through out Butterfield school! We took a tour and found Pete's notes in the art room, music room, gym, library, and computer lab! Unfortunately, Pete was no where to be found:(. Some of us do think we found some of his fur though! 

Make sure to check your child's backpack this weekend! Lots of important information in there! See you all next week for color week! :) 


  1. ACK! This is the first I have heard about Pete the Cat..even when I asked..he says "how do you know?" :/

    I am so happy to be able to follow you via blog

  2. Thanks for the blog! I will have to ask about Pete the Cat.